About Me

Hello and Welcome,

My name is Samantha Pelayo. This blog is a place where I share my ideas about tasty and nourishing cooking.  I remember being 10 years old at an Old Country Buffet in Los Angeles with my father. We sat down with our plates so filled with food, they resembled mountains. He began to observe me and asked me “So. What do you want to be when you grow up?” I confidently responded with “I want to cook. I want to be a chef.”  I remember thinking back to when I would sit on the counter and watch my mom cook. How she would dance around, playing salsa and adding a little bit of lemon juice here, a little bit of Serrano pepper there. I remember the smell of Ceviche, or braised lamb drizzled with dark Mole sauce on top. I knew I wanted to make those plates of food and reach through people- bring them back to their childhood with that one dish they grew up eating.

            Now that I have worked in restaurants, pushed through the 7, 8, 9, 10 hour shifts, running around, feeling the pressure of the rush, sweating, getting spat on by the searing oil in the sauté pans, crying after shifts when I questioned myself If it was all worth it, bleeding, swearing, laughing, fighting, seeing what I am capable of and how far I can push my limits- I can truly say that at 10 years old, I envisioned my future and thanks to that, I have a love for food and a career path that I never knew possible.